Styling is as important as space-planning and equipment selection. It can be sympathetic to the period, decor and architecture of your home, or tastefully juxtapose against it. The key is to fit practically and comfortably to your personal aesthetic and lifestyle.


Distinguished by clean, uncluttered lines, hi-style slick or relaxed simplicity can be achieved. Interest in textures and shapes prevail over added adornments. Natural or man-made materials are equally at home. 



A modern interpretation of traditional styling dilutes antiquarian or period feel with careful introduction of contemporary equipment, technology and cabinet construction. Results in tailor-made versatile convenience sympathetic to the surroundings.



Perennial and essentially historic inspiration is drawn from architecture and period influences. Typically painted or stained wood-framed cabinets, emphasis on mouldings, trims and furniture elements create formal to informal environments. 



Romantically inspired from Old European chateaus and villas, natural honed stone or distressed wood floors anchor aged furniture-styled cabinets. Finishes are mixed, surfaces varied, and country-typical mouldings and carvings emphasize the theme


With rich rural roots, light woods full of character, combined with complimentary natural surfaces, create homey, casual and inviting spaces. Storage works well in decorative freestanding larders and hutches, and open shelves display personalized collectibles.