“By the end of our first session I was sold. Cheryl was very professional, and a true example of someone who can "think outside the box.”

- Jim Kurtz



Tina, a successful businesswoman, did extensive research before embarking on the formidable task. Recognizing the value of a certified kitchen planner to lead her through the ropes of avoiding expensive design mistakes, she kept coming back to Cheryl, finding that her work, although varied in style, had something uniquely appealing in every kitchen. 



After they recognized the folly and restriction of design in maintaining old cabinetry, which was the initial idea, they forged ahead with a total gut from top to toe. Budget was an important consideration in not overextending the property value as well as a penchant Tina has for value shopping. 

Starting from the floor, the 18"x18" travertine tile was installed diagonally, extending into the living area beyond, visually enlarging the space and adding to the beach home atmosphere and casual lifestyle. 



The kitchen was a good size, but partially reserved for a breakfast nook. Tina and Jim wanted to remove the table seating and add a penisula with bar counter seating. Cheryl proposed another solution, introducing a large island with integrated circular counter seating. The range was moved closer to the window, allowing more space for the cramped wash-up area, and counters introduced under the window. This design recognized the room as a whole unit without dividing the space, and opened up opportunities of great working surfaces for our two-cook kitchen. 

Tina orchestrated the project construction and hired sub-contractors to install lighting, venting and plumbing per the detailed plans provided by the designer. Under a tight whip with only minor delays, the project was completed in excellent time of three months from demolition day to first cooked meal. Tina and Jim are delighted with the results.    




When Tina first raised the issue of using a Certified Kitchen Planner for our kitchen remodel, I was skeptical. We had no planned budget, just a general idea of how much we had to work with. I was concerned that a designer would add more cost to our already growing project. I felt that I had seen several layouts at the local kitchen design center anyway! 

Tina stated that she didn't want just a new kitchen; she wanted a "wow" kitchen. I relented and agreed to meet with Cheryl. Within minutes of viewing our existing space she began to offer suggestions that we had not considered. By the end of our first session I was sold. Cheryl was very professional, and a true example of someone who can "think outside the box". 

She came back to our house with several concept drawings and floor plans. Once we decided on a concept, she laid out our entire design, including a complete set of detailed construction plans for each phase, enabling Tina to general our own job, saving us a considerable amount of money, which we were able to use for suggested upgrades. She was there for us each step of the way, going to the design center to help pick out flooring, appliances, countertops, backsplash... everything we needed. 

Our kitchen is now completed and it has even exceeded our heightened expectations. We have been "wowed". Thank you Cheryl. 

-Jim and Tina Kurtz